The Point Bet in Craps.

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If we imagine that a 6 was roll. Then this becomes the Point number Craps and the players chip is move from the Pass section to the number 6 section of the board game.

The Craps game continues until either a 6 (win for the player) or a 7 (loss for the player) is roll.

There are a lot of betting alternatives available to the players in the Point section of the game. But one of the most popular of these is the Come Bet.

The player can now place additional chips on the Come section of the board since the point has established UFABET 

Like the Pass Line Bet, players will win if a ‘Natural’ (7 or 11) is roll and lose if 2, 3 or 12 is thrown. If any other number is thrown then this becomes another Point number. And the player’s chip is move from the Come section to whatever number was rolled.

Now the number 7 becomes a ‘bad’ number for the player. Because they will win only if the point number is roll again before the number 7 next appears.

There are many other betting options open to Craps players besides the ones outlined above. And we deal with these in more detail in our article on Craps Betting and Payouts.