How to Play Craps Online?

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Craps Online is a fast paced game that can be played with just two dice either online or at the betting table. The principle is to place bets and accurately predict the outcome of the two dice. The person who rolls the dice is the shooter, who is substituted for 3 rounds. The most popular Craps Online wins:

Pass Line Bets:  If the shooter rolls 11 or 7 the first time. The pass line bettor wins. If the first roll is 2, 3, or 12 the pass line bettor loses. The roll becomes a point that the shooter must match with the next roll to win.

Don’t Pass Line Bet:  Opposite pass line bets on this bet. 2 and 3 automatically become winners and 7 and 11 are automatically losers as well.

Betting Place Bet:  Players can place bets on other numbers as they wish during play. If the select number is roll before 7. The player wins, who can increase or decrease the bet while still in each game round.

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Base on the game of luck there are also ways to have an advantage when playing dice bets. This article will reveal the techniques and principles that lead to the success of the world’s top three dice games.