Firmino won’t talk to any team until he leaves the Liverpool.

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Roberto Firmino agent Roger Wittmann insists there will be no talks with any clubs ahead of time until he leaves the Liverpool club.

Firmino the Brazilian forward has told the club he will not renew his contract. Which expires at the end of the season. But Wittmann insists he will not be negotiating or signing with any clubs until he leaves the Reds.

“Our plan for the next few weeks – the plan for Roberto is to show the manager and Liverpool another great form. It ‘s the best goodbye. That’s what he wants to do,” Wittmann said UFABET

“He has nothing in his mind for the foreseeable future. He told us during the negotiations. ‘I don’t want to talk to anyone. There’s no need to do that.’ He said it was a joint decision with the club.

“This was the first time in my life that I saw him as a free agent and he said there was no need to talk to anyone anywhere! So he has no motivation from other clubs or financial terms.

“The club gave him time as well. no pressure And he never compares how we talk to other clubs. This was not his intention. It’s just his way. It’s far from normal business, trust me!”

For Roberto Firmino, he moved from Hoffenheim to join the “Reds” in 2015, having served the club in all 310 games, scoring 94 goals and 73 assists. in this season Made 18 appearances in all competitions, scoring 7 goals and providing 4 assists.