Barcelona beat Valencia 1-0.

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Barcelona return to form to win the league. When opening home to beat Valencia 1-0 from Rafinha’s winning goal in the first 15 minutes. Although Ronald Araujo of the hosts was sent a red card in the last half hour.

Spanish La Liga Football

Barcelona 1- Valencia 0

Stadium: Camp Nou

15 minutes into the game. Barca took a 1-0 lead from the moment Busquets lapped the ball above the bat’s defensive line before Rafinha swooped over the body. Mamardashvili The goalkeeper of the visiting team who came out to intercept the ball did not hit. Pass the ball into the bottom of the net

In the 23rd minute, the gardeners came back to win again. This time Alejandro Balde took the ball to cut into the middle before paying for Rafinha to run. And play on the far post but fell out of the box UFABET

In the 39th minute, Barca almost missed the goal after Mark Andre ter Stegen showed above, sucking the ball in front of the goal. Before paying for a bad friend, being hit by Samuel Lino. Intercepts the ball before hitting it with full force in the box. But the ball flew off the beam disappointingly. 

In the second half.

In the 53rd minute, Barca came to the penalty spot after Jules Gunde threw the ball into Hugo Giyamon’s arm, the referee immediately blew a penalty, but Ferran Torres smashed it with the right side. The base of the pole outside, Chao Boon threw, still leading 1-0.

In the 56th minute, Xabi’s team failed to get the second seed to take the lead again, this time Rafinha stabbed the ball for Ansu Fati to fall into the right frame before hitting the post unfortunately.

In the 59th minute, the home side had to come down to 10 people, Ronald Arauio wasted and cut the game on Hugo Duro, the referee had no choice but to immediately send a red card and expel him from the field.

During the injury time, Valencia came to a thrilling end, Justin Kluivert collected the ball in front of the penalty area, bowed down, pressed with the right, bounced to the floor directly, ter Stegen could not miss it.

The game ended with a 1-0 win for Barcelona.