Barca will talks with Busquets next week.

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Josep Maria Ortic agent Sergio Busquets will begin contract talks with Barcelona next week. Barcelona will begin negotiations over a new deal with Sergio Busquets. After the club are set to meet with 34-year-old midfielder Josep Maria Ortic next week. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Sunday. 

The Azulgrana have just announced a contract extension with Sergi Roberto until 2024 with the option of a further year. But Barcelona still have work to do. That is looking to secure a new deal with Busquets, with the 34-year-old captain’s current contract expiring this summer. UFABET

According to reports, negotiations between the two sides are likely to be difficult. As there are indications that the Azulgra team’s offer is likely to reduce. Busquets’ huge wages as the club is facing financial difficulties. Especially being forced by La Liga to lower the wage ceiling from 650 million euros to 450 million euros by July. While the 34-year-old midfielder is the highest paid player in the current team. 

So the new deal that Barcelona will offer Busquets will be lower wages than offers from MLS. Or Saudi Arabia interested in signing the 34-year-old midfielder can be possible.

“Busquets plays football with his head. His legs are just a helping hand.” Until being able to seize the real one from Yaya in just one season and continues to be true to the present day On the day that he turned 32 years old, the day that such insults were answered with great footsteps.