Nuts that are high in protein.

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While all nuts contain protein, some provide more than others. This article reviews nuts that are high in protein food.

1. Almonds

Protein: 7 grams per 1/4-cup (35-gram) serving of Almonds.UFABET 

Almonds are actually a seed. However, people often group them with nuts and consider them to be a high protein option.

In addition to being high in protein, almonds are loaded with Antioxidants. These plant compounds protect the body from free-radical-induced oxidative stress, which can lead to aging, heart disease, and some cancers.

The brown layer of skin surrounding almonds contains the highest concentration of antioxidants. So it’s best to eat almonds with the skin for the most benefits.

To make a balanced snack with almonds, pair them with a piece of fruit.

2. Walnuts

Protein: 4.5 grams per 1/4-cup (29-gram) serving of chopped walnuts.

Eating walnuts is a delicious way to boost your protein intake.

Walnuts are also a source of heart-healthy fats. Specifically, they contain more Omega-3 fatty acids, in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), than any other nut.

Some observational studies have linked ALA intake to a lower risk of heart disease.

With their fatty texture and mouthfeel, walnuts are a good addition to ground meats and can further increase the protein content of meat-based dishes.

3. Pistachios

Protein: 6 grams per 1/4-cup (30-gram) serving of pistachios.

A serving of pistachios provides as much protein as one egg.

These nuts have a higher ratio of essential amino acids relative to their protein content, compared with most other nuts.

Essential amino acids are those that need to be obtained through the diet. So that the body can use them to build proteins that are necessary for important functions.

For a fun way to eat pistachios, try blending them into a nut butter to eat on toast, apples, or crackers.